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Dismissal & Disciplinary

Disciplinary Hearings

If you have been called to a disciplinary hearing and are confused by the content of any invite letter you have received, we can help make sense of it for you by reviewing the correspondence, explaining to you what it means in real terms, and advising you of how the law applies.


The disciplinary process incorporates the ACAS Code of Practice. Your employer should have a disciplinary procedure set out within its company handbook or it can sometimes be outlined in your Contract of Employment.  If you have not been provided with a copy of the policy, you should request it


We understand that being summoned to such a hearing can be distressing and therefore it is important to receive the correct support and advice, if you are unsure.

Dismissal from Employment

If you think that your employer had no valid grounds to dismiss you, you should take advice on pursuing an unfair dismissal claim against your employer.  Alternatively, if you feel that it is possible your employer has purposely made it impossible for you to continue in your position, or you feel you have no alternative but to resign from your employment, then you may have a claim for constructive dismissal


We will consider your length of service, the reasons your employer has given for your dismissal and the process it followed to enable us to advise you what your legal rights are and how to challenge the dismissal.


It is now a requirement that ACAS Early Conciliation has to be undertaken before any claim is made to an Employment Tribunal and we can help you through this process.

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