Guidance for visitors to Standley & Co Offices - Standley & Co Solicitors
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Guidance for visitors to Standley & Co Offices

Guidance for visitors to Standley & Co Offices

If you are feeling unwell with any of the Covid-19 symptoms please do not attend our premises. Meetings can be held by conference call and video conferencing.

Please adhere to the government’s social distancing guidelines for being Covid-19 secure. Please ensure you use hand sanitiser provided on entering and exiting our premises. Please adhere to local office guidance in regard to entrance and exit routes and maximum attendees in our meeting rooms and reception areas.

If our staff suspect you have Covid-19 symptoms you will be asked to leave our premises. In order to maintain a Covid-19 secure environment we are not providing drinks or refreshments in our meeting rooms.

Thank you for supporting our guidelines for a Covid-19 secure workplace.

If you have any concerns, or questions please raise them with the person you are meeting